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Our Music

The Raub family with their instruments (in 2000)

Ever since we first started deputation as military missionaries in 1992, we've enjoyed singing together.  "We love to sing as a family, and we love to sing for the Lord, so the two dovetail perfectly," is one thing we like to say about our music.  God has seen fit to give us some ability to "sing & make melody...unto the Lord."  Our object in singing is to use whatever talents God has given us to bring praise to Him!


Unfortunately it's difficult to find music these days that is truly glorifying to God.  We  strive to make our music uplifting to the spirit and pleasing to our Lord.  Instruments we use include:  piano, trumpets, baritone horn, violin, mandolin, & guitar (no percussion).


So far, we've made three family recordings, plus a piano CD by Kathryn.  We hope they will be a blessing to you as you listen.


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Recent recordings:   We have finally gotten our CD's from our producer!  We apologize for how long it has taken.


I'll Say Yes


Now Available Online!

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1.   Arise My Soul, Arise

2.   A Birth

3.   The Bible Bookstore

4.   Stand Up For Jesus (instrumental)

5.   The Mind Of Christ

6.   He Loves Me

7.   The Secret Place

8.   Patriotic Medley (instrumental)

9.   I Shall Be Changed

10. I'll Say Yes







Hymns of Hope- Sacred Piano by Kathryn Raub


Now Available Online!

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1.    Sunlight 

2.    Fairest Lord Jesus

3.    Since I Have Been Redeemed    

4.    Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (Grace Medley)  

5.    O Worship the King

6.    Seek Ye First/ My Father's World   

7.    Footprints of Jesus/Follow On  

8.    O, How I Love Jesus

9.    Marching to Zion

10.  When I Survey/The Old Rugged Cross   

11.  Onward, Christian Soldiers

12.  How Can It Be/O Love that Will Not Let Me Go

13.  Oh How I Love Jesus 

14.  My Mother's Bible





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Other recordings:

So Much To Thank Him For



1.  I'm Glad I Know Who Jesus Is

2.  Jesus Passed By

3.  This One Thing I Know

4.  Because He Loved Me

5.  I Just Stopped By

6.  Goodly Heritage

7.  One of These Days

8.  So Much To Thank Him For

9.  The Conversation






The Blood Is Still There



1. More Than Enough

2.  Sacrifice for Liberty

3.  The Blood Is Still There

4.  Thank You

5.  He Loves Me Like I Was His Only Child

6.  What Love

7.  He Has Put A Song In My Mouth

8.  Trials Are Worth More Than Gold

9.  I Talked to Him Today